Christianity by Ed Nill

Third Edition

Revised & Expanded


“Wonderful book, please send me 2 more copies.” — Margaret C. from TX.

“Please send a copy of your book directly to my unchurched friend in Fairburn SD.  I told him your book makes a great deal of sense because of the history you give in regard to how and when certain religious practices had their beginnings.  He is looking forward to receiving it.  Thank you.” — Gary T. from AZ

What a blessing you have given me with your book Christianity … Thank you for writing this book!  — Trudy F. from VA

“This book can change lives.”  Jim S. from SD

What's In The Book?


-Why I Believe What I Believe-

Why Do You Believe What You Believe? 

Third Edition


Part 1Page
   Chapter   1 — What would happen if—?13
   Chapter   2 — Saved by grace? – part I24
   Chapter   3 — Saved by grace? – part II34
   Chapter   4 — Saved by grace? – part III47
   Chapter   5 — Are we saved by works?55
   Chapter   6 — Will the sinner’s prayer save me?65
   Chapter   7 — What about the sinner on the cross?83
   Chapter   8 — What is baptism anyway?94
   Chapter   9 — When should I be baptized?106
   Chapter 10 — What is worship?122
   Chapter 11 — Summary of Part 1 (small group questions)143
Part 2:
   Chapter 12 — Responding to a skeptic’s question–Part I150
   Chapter 13 — Responding to a skeptic’s question–Part II171
   Chapter 14 — The basics of Islam190
   Chapter 15 — Did the Crusades stain Christianity?204
   Chapter 16 — The Rapture (?)215
   Chapter 17 — Terms, Words, Concepts and Thoughts228
Closing Comments242
About the Author243